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Working Section (Draught) - Results for SNC Members in 2009

(Arranged by points and then by KC registered name of dog)

 Saul & Zoe Johnson's "Cru'ella" (Sparkybears Two Shoes among Piratebears)    
 Total Test Passes  10  Total Points  39
 Les & Jude Moulsdale's "Murphy" (Joalta Mersey Navigator)    
 Total Test Passes  9  Total Points  36
 Brian & Jacqui Woodhall's "Hagrid" (Bearhugs Hagrid)    
 Total Test Passes  4  Total Points  32
 Miss. Joanne Irving's "Alfie" (Honeybears Soul Brother)    
 Total Test Passes  6  Total Points  32
 Les & Jude Moulsdale's "Yogi" (Sheenmarie Right on Time)    
 Total Test Passes  8  Total Points  29
 Sandra Constable's "Willow" (Hanningfield Water Willow)    
 Total Test Passes  4  Total Points  27
 Rachel Gaines's "Winnie" (Clocktower Zulus Winnie)    
 Total Test Passes  7  Total Points  24
 Rachel Gaines's "Deifen" (Mileoak O'Donovan)    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  20
 Mr. K. & Miss Wendy, Richards & Hawkes's "Patsy" (Kenmilfore Dutruch)    
 Total Test Passes  4  Total Points  15
 Rachel Gaines's "Tally" (Kjalarnes D)    
 Total Test Passes  5  Total Points  15
 Llynda & Darryl Baugh's "Alice" (Nutbrook The Butty Alice)    
 Total Test Passes  4  Total Points  15
 Mark & Keri Kingsley's "Alfie" (Jolakada King Rocket)    
 Total Test Passes  4  Total Points  12
 Linda & David, MacKillican & Todd's "Daisy" (Mileoak Whispered Secret)    
 Total Test Passes  4  Total Points  12
 Keith & Sue Dobson's "Ginny" (Noddstrickle Albany Surf at Ursanigra)    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  12
 Linda & David, MacKillican & Todd's "Diesel" (Sheenmarie Enchanted)    
 Total Test Passes  5  Total Points  12
 Keith & Sue Dobson's "Boz" (Ursanigra Ullswater for Noddstrickle)    
 Total Test Passes  3  Total Points  12
 David & Jean Lockhart's "Dakota" (Henboobear Lunar Tide)    
 Total Test Passes  7  Total Points  11
 Sue Sanders's "Jinx" (Darkpeak Loralei)    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  9
 Mr. T. M. & Mrs. Helen Bash's "Baccardi" (Lonesomepine Love Em An Weep)    
 Total Test Passes  4  Total Points  8
 Laurie & Michael Woods's "Keeva" (Navrangi Keva)    
 Total Test Passes  3  Total Points  7
 Neil & Tracey Jasper's "Forest" (Bearhugs Cader Idris)    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  6
 Susan & David, Easton & Lamb's "Teddy" (Calvados Robinson Crusoe)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  6
 Llynda & Darryl Baugh's "Robbie" (Cumngo New Century Dawns over Bearhugs)    
 Total Test Passes  6  Total Points  6
 Mr. T. M. & Mrs. Helen Bash's "Zillie" (Darbydale Catch Me If You Can)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  6
 Peter Bilsborough's "Rufus" (Darbydale Percy Sledge)    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  6
 Angie Mercer's "Loxley" (Sheridel Loxley)    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  6
 Llynda & Darryl Baugh's "Evie" (Stelamah Sealed With A Kiss)    
 Total Test Passes  3  Total Points  6
 Saul & Zoe Johnson's "Merlin" (Evanpark Gandolf The Grey among Piratebears)    
 Total Test Passes  8  Total Points  5
 Mr. T. M. & Mrs. Helen Bash's "Shadow" (Bearhugs Dumbledore)    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  4
 Sandra Constable's "Daisy" (Culnor Be Cool)    
 Total Test Passes  5  Total Points  4
 Saul & Zoe Johnson's "Minnie" (Evanpark Ghost among Piratebears)    
 Total Test Passes  5  Total Points  4
 Miss. Joanne Irving's "Dylan" (Forgebear Slider with Soulbrother)    
 Total Test Passes  6  Total Points  4
 Les & Jude Moulsdale's "Paddy" (Gladlands Expecto Patronium)    
 Total Test Passes  3  Total Points  4
 Philip & Cheryl Payne's "Tilly" (Kalibah Icicle)    
 Total Test Passes  3  Total Points  4
 Rob & Sue Scott's "Harry" (Moonlight Of Krakow)    
 Total Test Passes  3  Total Points  4
 Les & Jude Moulsdale's "Jeli"    
 Total Test Passes  4  Total Points  4
 Brian & Jacqui Woodhall's "Scout" (Bearhugs Kinder Scout)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  3
 Gordon & Liz Chambers's "Wellington" (Newphrey Fishermans Friend)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  3
 Carol Yiend's "Leila" (Cherapippin Undersilk Wood)    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  2
 Peter Bilsborough's "Floyd" (Darbydale Sam Cook)    
 Total Test Passes  3  Total Points  2
 Gordon & Liz Chambers's "Marmite" (Great Brown Bear)    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  2
 Les & Jude Moulsdale's "Ruben"    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  2
 Philip & Cheryl Payne's "Twizzle"    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  2
 Janet Irving's "Bess"    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  2
 Rachel Gaines's "Casper"    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  2
 Llynda & Darryl Baugh's "Layla" (Quietstorm Solstice)    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  2
 Mr. K. & Miss Wendy, Richards & Hawkes's "Chesney" (Carstevs Just The One)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  1
 Rebecca MacKillican's "Bruce" (Dalmacaws Little Prince)    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  1
 Andrea & Mark, Raven & Hobbs's "Otis" (Mayoss Otis Redding at Rehovot)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  1
 David Viney's "Millie" (Millthorpe Sea Breeze)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  1
 Ms. Kathleen Pitt's "Bella"    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  1
 Ms. Kathleen Pitt's "Bear"    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  1
 Karen & James, Hewson & Wells's "Dollar" (Paradeso Silver Dollar)    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  1
 Karen & Dean Thompson's "Stormy" (Safeharbour Storm Tide)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  1
 Karen & Dean Thompson's "Giggs" (Safeharbour The Tide Is High)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  1
 Karen & James, Hewson & Wells's "Sterling" (Shalowseas Sterling Silver)    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  1
Please report any errors or ommissions to the Chair of the Working Section Sub-committee

Points system used in the calculation of the SNC Working Awards (for 2009)

Points are accrued for passes at Certified Tests held by the Southern Newfoundland Club, the Newfoundland Club and the Northern Newfoundland Club. For each dog owned by an SNC member, the highest five test passes per discipline at separate events in a year are counted. If a dog passes more than one test in either discipline at a single event (whether a one, two or three day event) only the higher test passed per discipline will count for points.

Points are awarded for Water Test passes as follows:
Section E: 10 points
Section D: 8 points
Section C: 5 points
Section B: 3 points
Section A: 1 point
Points are awarded for Draught Test passes as follows:
Level 4: 10 points
Level 3: 6 points
Level 2: 3 points
Level 1: 1 point