Draught Tests
- Beginners to Level 2 and Level 4

04 February 2024
Whitemead Caravan Park, Parkend, Lydney, Gloucstershire, GL15 4LA
Hosted by Welsh Newfoundland Activity Group

Always great to be back at this venue, with its ample space for the control section and direct access into the Forest of Dean providing variety for every Level of haul. Some good steady work from all the dogs and the ones who weren't successful were very close.

Glad to say the weather held out for us, which always helps – although the occasional gust of wind caused some paperwork chasing! Excellent on-site facilities including café and bar/restaurant.

Thank you to everyone who judged, stewarded and generally helped out.

Sara Davies, Test Manager

Results and Reports - Sunday 04th February 2024


Judges: Jane King & Karen Thompson
Entrants: No entries

Level 1

Judges: Caroline Germain & Kevin Clarke
Entrants: 3 | Passes: 1
Owner Call Name Registered Name
Rhodes & Hewson'sMikeDawbryn Zefa’s Pride

Many thanks to the SNC for the invitation to judge at this event. Three teams came forward to test at this Level, with one nice pass. We feel sure the other teams will succeed in the future.

Caroline Germain & Kevin Clarke

Level 2

Judges: Sara Davies & Jackie Bagnall
Entrants: 3 | Passes: 1
Owner Call Name Registered Name
Thornton's Finnley Leonardo Hall

We'd like to thank SNC for inviting us to judge at this lovely venue and for the weather being good.

We tested three teams today; one enjoyed the control section too much and unfortunately left the ring. A good steady haul from the other two, but unfortunately one failed the down stay. The third dog had an excellent test from start to finish.

Sara Davies & Jackie Bagnall

Level 4

Judges: Steve Pallot & Sue Sanders
Entrants: 3 | Passes: 1
Owner Call Name Registered Name
Burridge's Marta Nurburgnewf Lady Shazam at Bagglebears

There were three entrants for Level 4 today, on an ideal February morning with mild weather. Unfortunately, one of the entrants left the ring during the control. A second dog would not settle in the group down stay, so we had one entrant proceeding to the next stages. This team worked really well together over a tough course and there was excellent co-operation between the handlers on the haul to tackle obstacles. We were delighted that this team successfully passed for the first time. Congratulations and best wishes for the remaining two passes.

We would like to thank Sara Davies our Test Manager, Steward on the haul, Alan Godden and Caroline Germain, Call Steward.

Steve Pallot & Sue Sanders