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Top Water Working Newfoundland for 2011 - Hanningfield Princess Leia

SNC's Top Water Working Newfoundland, Top Working Newfoundland (combined) and Top Veteran for 2011
Hanningfield Princess Leia "Ruby"

Working Section (Water) - Results for SNC Members in 2011

(Arranged by points and then by KC registered name of dog)

 Graham & Jan Hill's "Ruby" (Hanningfield Princess Leia)    
 Total Test Passes  5  Total Points  46
 Llynda & Darryl Baugh's "Harry" (Bearhugs Harry Potter at Quietstorm)    
 Total Test Passes  4  Total Points  23
 Sue Sanders's "Jinx" (Darkpeak Loralei)    
 Total Test Passes  4  Total Points  21
 Saul & Zoe Johnson's "Minnie" (Evanpark Ghost among Piratebears)    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  16
 Rachel Gaines's "Casper"    
 Total Test Passes  4  Total Points  16
 Graham & Jan Hill's "Maia" (Alphabear Ocean Blue for Ableseanewf)    
 Total Test Passes  5  Total Points  13
 Sandra Constable's "Willow" (Hanningfield Water Willow)    
 Total Test Passes  3  Total Points  13
 Vin & Lynn Whiting's "Ellie" (Nutbrook Peaceful Waters)    
 Total Test Passes  4  Total Points  13
 Stewart & Amanda Arnold's "Arthur" (Newgraden Knight Of Templar at Newfarrier)    
 Total Test Passes  3  Total Points  11
 Llynda & Darryl Baugh's "Layla" (Quietstorm Solstice)    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  10
 Ken & Wendy, Richards & Hawkes's "Chesney" (Carstev's Just The One)    
 Total Test Passes  5  Total Points  9
 Stewart & Amanda Arnold's "Evie" (Staneberne With Love to Newfarrier)    
 Total Test Passes  3  Total Points  9
 Vin & Lynn Whiting's "Violet" (Darkpeak After The Storm)    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  8
 Sandra Constable's "Bramble" (Hanningfield Shipwright)    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  6
 Ken & Wendy, Richards & Hawkes's "Patsy" (Kenmilfore Dutruch)    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  6
 Jane Moss's "Crispin" (Uskrail Thunder Vine)    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  6
 David & Jean Lockhart's "Dakota" (Henboobear Lunar Tide)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  5
 Chris & Lesley Green's "Billy" (Evanpark Jensens Button)    
 Total Test Passes  4  Total Points  4
 Rachel Gaines's "Tally" (Kjalarnes D)    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  4
 Jeffrey & Kay Burridge's "Tia" (Bridgestone Callaway at Bagglebears)    
 Total Test Passes  3  Total Points  3
 Sheila & David, Portington & Kimberlin-Wyer's "Lizzie" (Dearchary Queen Of Diamonds)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  3
 Margaret Collins's "Dougal" (Dearchary's King Of Diamonds)    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  3
 Miss. Joanne Irving's "Lili" (Forgebear Blue Lili with Soulbrother)    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  3
 Jeffrey & Kay Burridge's "Tilly" (Hallmosa Waltzing Matilda)    
 Total Test Passes  3  Total Points  3
 Miss. Joanne Irving's "Alfie" (Honeybears Soul Brother)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  3
 Llynda & Darryl Baugh's "Tess" (Quietstorm This Is Heaven)    
 Total Test Passes  3  Total Points  3
 Linda & David, MacKillican & Todd's "Diesel" (Sheenmarie Enchanted)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  3
 Steve & Cindy Walker's "Olivia" (Hanningfield Simple Dreams)    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  2
 Saul & Zoe Johnson's "Darla" (Piratebears Flag Ship)    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  2
 Jeffrey & Kay Burridge's "Jenga" (Bagglebears Borasco)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  1
 Jeffrey & Kay Burridge's "Izzie" (Bagglebears Gregale)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  1
 Clive & Patricia Walls's "Nelson" (Blacktide In The Red)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  1
 Kevin & Bek, Mercer & MacKillican's "Aoife" (Darkpeak Born To Run)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  1
 Philip & Cheryl Payne's "Prada" (Kalibah Got Talent)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  1
 Philip & Cheryl Payne's "Tilly" (Kalibah Icicle)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  1
 Rachel Gaines's "Deifen" (Mileoak O'Donovan)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  1
 Peter Bilsborough's "Dillon" (Nereides Never Hug A Bear)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  1
 Philip & Cheryl Payne's "Twizzle"    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  1
 Rachel Gaines's "Angel" (Piratebears Bottle Of Rum)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  1
 Les & Jude Moulsdale's "Frankie" (Piratebears Xmarks The Spot)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  1
 Penny & Peter Downing's "Arthur" (Sheridel Sewati)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  1
 Jane Moss's "Raffles" (Tremarcol Magnum)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  1
Please report any errors or ommissions to the Chair of the Working Section Sub-committee

Points system used in the calculation of the SNC Working Awards - Water Section (for 2011)

Points are allocated for passes at Certified Tests held by the Southern Newfoundland Club, the Newfoundland Club and the Northern Newfoundland Club, all of who work to the same Test Regulations. For each dog owned by an SNC member, the highest five test passes per discipline at separate events in a year are counted. If a dog passes more than one test in either discipline at a single event (whether a one, two or three day event) only the higher test passed per discipline will count for points.

In the case of a tie, the number of passes at the higher level decides the award winner in order to recognise the highest level of achievement.

Points are awarded for Water Test passes as follows:

Section A: 1 point
Section B: 3 points
Section C: 5 points
Section D: 8 points
Section E: 10 points