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Top Draught Working Newfoundland for 2011 - Hanningfield Princess Leia

SNC's Top Draught Working Newfoundland 2011 - Carstev's Just The One "Chesney"

Working Section (Draught) - Results for SNC Members in 2011

(Arranged by points and then by KC registered name of dog)

 Ken & Wendy, Richards & Hawkes's "Chesney" (Carstev's Just The One)    
 Total Test Passes  8  Total Points  10
 Ken & Wendy, Richards & Hawkes's "Patsy" (Kenmilfore Dutruch)    
 Total Test Passes  3  Total Points  8
 Miss. Joanne Irving's "Lili" (Forgebear Blue Lili with Soulbrother)    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  6
 Steve & Karen Long's "Phoenix" (Bearhugs Phoenix)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  5
 Sandra Constable's "Bramble" (Hanningfield Shipwright)    
 Total Test Passes  4  Total Points  5
 Peter Bilsborough's "Rufus" (Darbydale Percy Sledge)    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  3
 Les & Jude Moulsdale's "Pluto" (Greatfalcon River Guardian)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  3
 Jeffrey & Kay Burridge's "Tilly" (Hallmosa Waltzing Matilda)    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  3
 Sandra Constable's "Willow" (Hanningfield Water Willow)    
 Total Test Passes  6  Total Points  3
 David Viney's "Millie" (Millthorpe Sea Breeze)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  3
 Roger & Diana Vincent's "Dreamer" (Alphabear That's Me at Cumngo)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  1
 Jeffrey & Kay Burridge's "Tia" (Bridgestone Callaway at Bagglebears)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  1
 David Viney's "Badger" (Evanpark Rocket Man to Millthorpe)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  
 Rachel Gaines's "Tally" (Kjalarnes D)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  
 Rachel Gaines's "Deifen" (Mileoak O'Donovan)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  
 Linda & David, MacKillican & Todd's "Daisy" (Mileoak Whispered Secret)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  
 Keith & Pam Sargeant's "Tug" (Newfdog Night Fever)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  
 Rachel Gaines's "Casper"    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  
 Maureen Lord's "Dudley" (Starbern Sea Weed)    
 Total Test Passes  2  Total Points  
 Llynda & Darryl Baugh's "Evie" (Stelamah Sealed With A Kiss)    
 Total Test Passes  3  Total Points  
 Keith & Sue Dobson's "Skye" (Ursanigra Derwent Water)    
 Total Test Passes  1  Total Points  
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Points system used in the calculation of the SNC Working Awards - Draught Section (for 2011)

Points are allocated for passes at Certified Tests held by the Southern Newfoundland Club. In the first half of 2011 the Northern Newfoundland Club operated with the same set of Draught Test Regulations so points are awarded for SNC members dogs passes at those draught tests while the Newfoundland Club had different test regulations and points are not allocated for passes at those tests. Halfway through the year, following a review of the Draught Test Regulations, the SNC and the Newfoundland Club adopted the same set of Draught Test Regulations while the Northern Newfoundland Club continued with the previous Regulations. As a result, from that point the passes of SNC members dogs at Newfoundland Club tests are allocated points while passes at Northern Newfoundland Club draught tests are not.

For each dog owned by an SNC member, the highest five test passes per discipline at separate events in a year are counted. If a dog passes more than one test in either discipline at a single event (whether a one, two or three day event) only the higher test passed per discipline will count for points.

Points are awarded for Draught Test passes as follows:

Beginners Level: 1 point
Level 1: 3 points
Level 2: 5 points
Level 3: 8 points
Level 4: 10 points