Water Tests - Sections A to E

04 & 05 June 2022
Hosted by Grangewaters Working Newfoundlands, Buckles Lane, South Ockendon, Essex, RM15 6RS

And we are back … After three years without a SNC test at Grangewaters it was fabulous to welcome friends old and new onto the site.

Thank-you to Queen Lizzie, the weekend was extended to include a Stewarding Day on the Friday. An invaluable refresher for us all, particularly after the last pandemic-afflicted few seasons. The only comment was that perhaps next time, we can encourage some of the newer members to join us, as this
weekend was very much a meeting of familiar faces.

I had forecast to our team that I expected a high degree of entries at the lower levels, with perhaps
fewer higher level entries, all as a direct consequence of the pandemic and the new influx of puppies born over the last year, and the very sad loss of some highly experienced dogs in the last 3 years. That was exactly how it turned out, with 19 A’s, 12 B’s, 7 C’s, 2 D’s, and 2 E’s.

With the numbers that we had, it was necessary to use both of our swims on the Saturday in order to accommodate the 28 tests across the day, though we deferred the commencement of level A in the
second swim until the steward hungry level E had been completed. Unfortunately we did not have any level E or C passes this weekend.

Overall the weather on the Saturday was kind, however a stiff north east breeze did present some challenges to helms, and at Level A stewards were mindful to help the puppies where the breeze was
creating undue difficulties.

Sunday was by far the quieter day, and the breeze had abated. Two puppies having passed A the day before qualifying to enter B test … and passing - well done Sally Bull with Martha, and Jan and Graham Hill with Wilma.

Of the 12 B entries there were seven passes – a higher pass rate than normal. Unfortunately no D passes at this test.

To our judges, the stewards, our entrants, and those guests who came along to observe, thank-you for your support over the weekend, it was great to all be able to get back to it, and fabulous to see the dogs so enjoying themselves.

Mr Alan Godden, Test Manager

Results and Reports - Day 1 - 04 Jun 2022

Section A

Judges: Sara Davies & Keith Sargeant
Entrants: 15 | Passes: 12
Owner Call Name Registered Name
Edward King Brian Saskinbears Back In Black
Ken Richards & Kathy Martin ChipStelamah Chocolate Chip
Gower Eugein(Golden Retriever)
Miss T. Clark FannyStelamah Salamander (Junior handler - Eric)
Chris & Clive Haylock Georgia(Goldadoodle)
Chris & Clive Haylock JennaFreddybears Witchy Or What
Chris & Clive Haylock Maddie(Barbet)
Sally & Trevor Bull MarthaKing of Helluland Blue Organza
Mr. & Mrs. D. Thornton OliverSaskinbears Band Of Gold
Draper PaddyInkomo's Liquid Gold
Mrs Karen Thompson TruliSaskinbears True Blue for Safeharbour
Jan & Graham Hill WilmaZentaur Fizzical Presence
Always a joy to judge "A" with mainly new puppies, even after 30 years it was just as exciting as the first time. It was a pleasure to co-judge with Sarah Davis who with a quick swap with Jane Moss managed to get a pass for her own dog in A.

Considering the lack of training due to the lockdown it was lovely to see such a really high standard with some young up and coming stars with 16 passes out of the 19 entrants, some of whom went on to pass "B" on Sunday. I sometimes think we don't give enough thought to the fact that our Newfies can be wiser in the water than us and I try to allow for the fact they head for the nearest shore and use the wind and tide to their advantage and not necessary where we think they should be (but after instruction came back to the handler). A welcome to all our first time Platinum Jubilee Puppies with so much ahead of them, what a joy.

As always a big thank to my co-judges Sarah and Jane, all the water stewards who we can't do without and the lovely welcome from the Grangewaters team.
Mr Keith Sargeant

Judges: Jane Moss & Keith Sargeant
Entrants: 4 | Passes: 4
OwnerCall NameRegistered Name
Ms. Sara Davies KubebaBarracechi Urs De Munte
Jeff & Kay Burridge MartaNurburgnewf Lady Shazau at Bagglebears
Mr Ken Richards & Mrs Kathy Martin TwiggySaskinbears Blue Velvet
Mr Ken Richards & Mrs Kathy Martin ValerieSaskinbears Red Red Wine

Thank you for inviting us to judge at Grangewaters and for arranging for the weather to clear up in the afternoon. We had 19 dogs with 16 passes. So lovely to see a load of very promising young dogs coming through and working so well and so eagerly, as well as the “old hands”. A special mention to Eric as a junior handler – well done.

Thank you also to all our stewards who helped out on such a busy day and happily swapped in and out of various roles including drowning stranger.

Jane Moss & Sara Davies

Section C

Judges: Jane King & Kay Burridge
Entrants: 7 | Passes: 0

We had seven entries today in Section C, unfortunately no passes.

Stranger element was the biggest stumbling block, but there was a mixture of failures. Having been out of action for so long due to Covid, we think it was a very good effort on everyone's behalf.

Thank you SNC for asking us to judge and to Grangewaters for their hospitality.

Jane King & Kay Burridge

Section E

Judges: Kay Burridge & Ronnie Chadwick
Entrants: 2 | Passes: 0

Two entrants, both veterans, but sadly neither passed today, probably the very strong wind didn't help. Both entrants passed 2 out of the 4 exercises with some good work demonstrated.

Thanks to our hard working stewards & to Grangewaters for their hospitality.

Kay Burridge & Ronnie Chadwick

Results and Reports - Day 2 - 05 Jun 2022

Section B

Judges: Jeffrey Burridge & Ken Richards
Entrants: 11 | Passes: 6
OwnerCall NameRegistered Name
Mr & Mrs D Thornton FinnleyLeonardo Hall
Chris & Clive Haylock Georgia(Goldadoodle)
Chris & Clive Haylock Maddie(Barbet)
Sally & Trevor Bull MarthaKing Of Helluland Blue Organza
Miss T. Clark WallyMayosea Rolling In The Deep (Junior handler - Eric)
Jan & Graham Hill WilmaZentaur Fizzical Presence

Judges: Graham Hill & Ken Richards
Entrants: 1 | Passes: 1
OwnerCall NameRegistered Name
Mr J. & K. Burridge HenryBagglebears Man In The Moon

Thank you for asking us to judge at Grangewaters, it was a very overcast day but the rain held off for us. We had 12 entries with some good passes, which was good to see. There were some young dogs that did really well and passed on their first attempt.

The stewards did us proud, they kept going without a break, so well done everyone.

Jeff Burridge, Graham Hill & Ken Richards

Section D

Judges: Paul Dodd & Ronnie Chadwick
Entrants: 2 | Passes: 0

We had two entries at this level, sadly no passes – one dog keen, but stubborn at times and the other definitely was stubborn! Both did show some good work at times.

An enjoyable day thanks to our stewards and the usual hospitality of the Grangewaters team.

Paul Dodd & Ronnie Chadwick