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President: Mrs. Christine Bodman


Wednesday 07 October 2016 - Jersey Activity Centre, St. Martin, Jersey, Channel Islands

Beginners and Levels 1, 2 & 4

Kindly hosted by the Friends of Jersey Big Dog Club
Test Manager - Mrs. Anita Pallot

"The tests were once again held at the Jersey Accommodation & Activity Centre in St. Martin. The weather was ideal for the dogs; we had 18 entries spread over Beginners and Levels 1, 2 & 4 with lots of lovely passes and great team work.

The Centre is ideal for the control section on the main field and maneuvering section in the Paint Ball Area. The Level 2 Haul was held on Annport Common with 2/3 changes in surfaces, different gradients, a small wooded area and several obstacles making it an ideal haul venue for this Level. The Level 4 haul went off to St Catherine's Woods; again this venue had several changes of surface, steep climbs, rock faces, plenty of obstacles plus urban environment to test the teams.

I would like to thank the Southern Newfoundland Club for their support at our event this year. I would also like to thank all the judges (especially those who came over specifically to judge) stewards, helpers and participants for making this such a successful event. We ended the day with a lovely meal and presentation.

We look forward to seeing you all back again next year."

Anita Pallot

Friday 07 October 2017
Entrants: 6      Passes: 4
Judges: Carol Taylor & David Viney

Congratulations to:

Haycock's Freddybears Witchy Or What "Jenna"
Burridge's Bagglebears Moondance "Dora"
Burridge's Bagglebears Man In The Moon "Henry"

Judges: Carol Taylor & Clive Haylock

Congratulations to:

Viney's "Rosie"

Judges Report - Beginners Level

Report to follow

Carol Taylor

Report to follow

David Viney

Report to follow

Clive Haylock

Entrants: NO ENTRIES
Entrants: 6      Passes: 4
Judges: Gill Hornsby & David Viney

Congratulations to:

Taylor's Bagglebears Thunder Moon at Mollynewf "Kitchi"
Burridge's Bagglebears Moonshine "Ellie"
Pallot's Vodahond Black Man Ray "Rocky"
Pallot's Staneberne Wave Rider "Ninja"

Judges Report - Level 2

"Thank you for inviting us to judge at Jersey. We had a total of six dogs entered today with four completing lovely passes.

The weather was quite fresh so we made brisk progress with the four dogs completing a lovely haul. One dog had to retire due to lameness and the other decided she didn't want to complete the down stay.

Thank you everyone for amazing hospitality, we are looking forward to returning in 2017."

Gill Hornsby & David Viney

Entrants: 3      Passes: 0
Judges: Jude Moulsdale & Clive Haylock

Judges Report - Level 4

"Three dogs to judge today. During the obedience section off lead it was a joy to see one of the teams complete this element without dropping a point. One team completed the element but lost too many points and the remaining team left the arena shortly after the start of the test.

The haul was a short drive away and provided us with everything you could ask for in a Draught test at this level. The teams had some challenging obstacles to navigate and it was interesting to see the two teams that joined the haul that hadn't passed the first element work exceptionally well with their dogs in this part of the test. Maybe this was down to the fact they weren't so nervous as they had nothing to lose at this stage. The team that was still under test did seem more nervous and a little anxious which didn't help.

Unfortunately the one team we were hoping would make it through got up during the out of sight down stay on the haul which resulted in them accumulating too many marks to pass the test overall.

Thanks to the stewards on the day, one of which was fairly new but really keen to help out with the event. It was a pleasure to judge with Clive Haylock at this event and we agreed on all the scoring throughout the day.

Lovely venue, here's to many more in years to come."

Jude Moulsdale

Report to follow

Clive Haylock