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Saturday 06 July 2013 - Grangewaters, South Ockendon, Essex

WATER: Sections A & B     DRAUGHT: Beginners Level

Kindly hosted by Grangewaters Working Newfoundlands

Test Manager - Mrs. Tina Roberts

King and Effie after passing Beginners Draught test
Pete gets a kiss from Effie (Safeharbour White But Cute) after she passed her Beginners Draught test

The novice levels of the Water and Draught Tests were held as part of the SNC's Fun Day at Grangewaters and fun was had by all in the relaxed atmosphere on a lovely sunny and warm day.

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Pictures from the SNC Working Tests - 06 July 2013
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Our Section A judges, Sarah Buckle and Keith Sargeant
Sarah Buckle with the Barbet entrant
Chris Roberts doing 'the robot' (badly!)
Our Draught Test judges, Clive Haylock and Peter Webber

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Entrants: 12      Passes: 12
Judges: Sarah Buckle & Keith Sargeant

Congratulations to:

Burns' Kyrimara Arc En Ciel "Rupert"
Burns' Seadance Rainbow Wishes avec Quornbear "Holly"
Bull's Chateaunewf Pandora "Mitzy"
Viney's, Evanpark Rocket Man "Badger"
Tomlin's, "Skyllah"
Sargeant's, Sandbears Amethist "Kizzy"
Walker's, Hanningfield Simple Dreams "Olivia"
Walls' Hanningfield Black Diamond "Hardy"
Walls' Blacktide in the Red "Nelson"
Burridge's Bagglebears Gregale "Izzi"
Burridge's Bagglebears Sirocco "Inka"

Judges Reports - Section A

"I would like to firstly say thank you to Keith for helping with my first judging appointment. The weather was amazing and the lake could have not been more welcoming for the dogs that had entered.

We had a good number of entries all were successful with all dogs passing. We had some first timers including a couple of rescues that had never even attempted an A before, it was lovely to watch them to pass and also enjoy themselves in the water.

Also a big thank you to Tina for arranging all the test for the day, Team Grangewaters who stewarded all day and helped in the water and on land. I enjoyed the day, it was lovely to judge on home turf and I look forward to doing this again."

Sarah Buckle

"It was a lovely, very hot day which meant all of the entries couldn't wait to get into the water. We had 12 to judge in 'A' with three being first-timers and I am pleased to say they all passed, some with flying colours and a few just managing a reasonable pass.

It was my co-judge Sarah Buckle's first test, she did very well and I hope she also had time to enjoy it as well. Many thanks as always to the stewards without whom these water tests would not take place."

Keith Sargeant

Entrants: 10      Passes: 2
Judges: Kay Burridge & Paul Dodd

Congratulations to:

Haylock's Shalowseas Splash Dance "Shea"

Judges: Paul Dodd & Keith Sargeant

Congratulations to:

Burridge's Bagglebears Gregale "Izzi"

Judges Reports - Section B

"The tests were held as part of a Fun Day hosted by Grangewaters Working Newfoundlands with Tina Roberts as Test Manager - thank you Tina and the Grangewaters group for your usual excellent job of organising everything. The weather was glorious, hot and sunny, the lake was calm and clear providing great conditions for the tests and a welcome cooling dip for dogs and handlers alike.

We had a good entry of 10 dogs but despite some valiant efforts only two passes. Almost all of the entrants completed the first three exercises successfully, it was Exercises B4 (Underwater Retrieve) and B5 (Controlled Swim) which were, as ever, the stumbling blocks. It is really important to get the dog focused on the underwater retrieve object before it is thrown. If they have no interest in the object before it sinks, getting them to retrieve it when it is under water is always going to be a struggle. Some dogs did demonstrate trawling the object which was nice to see.

For the controlled swim there really is no substitute for spending LOTS of time in the water WITH the dog when practicing. That doesn't necessarily mean repeatedly trying to get the dog to swim in a straight line beside you, it is about both dog and handler being completely comfortable swimming about in the water together and enjoying the experience. When both are perfectly relaxed about it to the extent that it isn't anything unusual or worrying for the dog (or for the handler!), then add the come to heel element and start swimming in straight lines. Ultimately the Controlled Swim should be no more difficult or unusual than walking with your newfie to heel - the only difference being it is in the water instead of on dry land. With that in mind, how often do you have to give a 'heel' or 'close' command to your newfie when walking it? The point is "shut up and swim"! Too many repeated commands only serve to confuse and worry the dog and then it doesn't know if it is doing what it is supposed to or not.

A highlight of the day was a French Water Dog (a Barbet) having a go at all elements of the Section B tests, including successfully towing the RIB complete with motor, helmsman, two stewards and the handler back to shore. It was a little pocket rocket with a huge enthusiasm for the water and came very close to the standard required to pass - amazing for a dog a fraction of the size of it's newfie cousins.

To those that passed, well done and to all we say get in the water with your newfies as often as you can and have fun, stay safe and the test passes will come.

Finally, my thanks to my co-judge, Kay Burridge and also Keith Sargeant, who substituted for Kay while a couple of her dogs did the tests, a pleasure to judge with both of you."

[Kay] "Can I just echo everything that Paul has said about the test, especially the advice on the underwater retrieve and controlled swim elements, which is what let most dogs down. I had a brilliant time judging at Grangewaters and would like to thank the Grangewaters team for arranging a great fun day, Paul for being my co-judge and give a special thank you to Keith for judging my two."

Paul Dodd, Kay Burridge & Keith Sargeant

Entrants: 5      Passes:4
Judges: Clive Haylock & Peter Webber

Congratulations to:

Arnold's Newgraden Knight of Templar at Newfarrier "Arthur"
Arnold's Stanberne With Love to Newfarrier "Evie"
King's Safehorbour White But Cute "Effie"
Wells' Saintlythans Tia Dalma "Lottie" (Rottweiler)

Judges Reports - Beginners

"A very hot day for all of the dogs. We had 5 entries 4 passes and 1 not ready. The 4 passes were of good standard and ready to go forward to level 1 in the near future. The other dog will need a little bit more training.

We enjoyed the day very much and thank you for asking us to judge"

Peter Webber & Clive Haylock