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SNC Welfare The SNC are very pleased to be one of the three representative Breed Clubs in the UK who together with the Newfoundland Club and the Northern Newfoundland Club jointly support the single health database now online at

It is hoped that the database will prove to be a valuable reference for persons considering the purchase of a Newfoundland puppy and for breeders in selecting stud dogs or females for breeding. By encouraging health screening and being open and honest about health issues, especially those with genetic significance, it is the strong desire of the Newfoundland Clubs to promote the health of our wonderful breed.

An echo doppler in progress
Echo doppler screening

Notes regarding Cystinuria status

Where we are informed that a dog is Cystinuria Clear by virtue of its parentage, the Tested column will show "N" and the Results column as "Parents Clear". However, the database administrator will NOT have verified that fact (placing your mouse over the "N" will show the data source) and the responsibility to do so lies entirely with the viewer.

Key to abbreviations
Ausc. - Auscultation (a stethoscopic examination)
BMD - Bernese Mountain Dog (an early Elbow scoring scheme)
BVA - British Veterinary Association
DCM - Dilated Cardiomyopathy
ECG - Electrocardiography
ED - Echo doppler
FCI - Fédération Cynologique Internationale
OFA - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
SAS - Sub-Aortic Stenosis

The test results for individual dogs in respect of four main health issues known to be significant in the breed are included in the database. Some health test results can be viewed on the Kennel Club web site but heart test results and early cystinuria test results are not available there. The single joint database aims to combine all of the available data in an easily accessible format.

To ensure the widest availability of the information, the database is shared by and distributed to all three of the supporting UK representative Breed Clubs. The SNC, the Newfoundland Club and the Northern Newfoundland Club web sites all mirror the data, as presented below, from the joint database.

The database is open to ALL Newfoundland owners and breeders in the UK and worldwide. It is FREE to view and FREE to have entries included. For full details of the joint health database, including how to send results for inclusion, what documents to send, the clubs Health Co-ordinators and answers to the most frequently asked questions, please visit the Newfoundland Health Data web site - click on the image of their page heading below.

Joint Health Database page heading

It is intended that the database can be regarded as;

  • authoritative where entries have been made on production of documentary evidence of the tests
  • reliable where entries have been made from Kennel Club Breed Records Supplements
  • reliable but unverified where some early Heart Test results are recorded from documents received from the British Veterinary Cardiovascular Society (or directly from the owners) which documents did not have provision for the veterinary surgeon's signature. They are listed as "Unverified Breeder/Owner submitted document".
  • indicative where unverified entries (Cystinuria specifically) have been made based on information provided by breeder/owners.

The data is presented in the alphabetical order of the dog's registered name. Tips on viewing the data;

  • Placing your mouse over a dogs name will show more information, if known, such as their pet name, registration number, KC Stud Book number and microchip number
  • Clicking on a dogs name will open a separate window for that dogs pedigree page (if available) on the UK Newfoundlands Info web site. NOTE: The UK Newfoundlands Info web site is an independent site NOT affiliated to the Southern Newfoundland Club and the SNC is not responsible for the accuracy or content of that site or any third party web site linked from our pages
  • Placing your mouse over the test date shows the source of the data
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